Legion Veterans Village to Receive $500,000 from Veterans Affairs Canada for Long COVID and Brain Fog Therapeutic Programs

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Surrey, BC (May 24, 2023) – Legion Veterans Village (LVV) has been approved to receive $500,000 from Veterans Affairs Canada to help fund its LVV Personalized Therapeutics Program which helps veterans and their families address Long COVID conditions such as brain fog.

The funds are allocated from the Government of Canada’s Veteran and Family Well-Being Fund to support the creation of innovative services, supports and projects to help Veterans to make smoother transitions to their life after service. The Veteran and Family Well-Being Fund provides grants and contributions to private, public or academic organizations to conduct research and implement initiatives and projects that support the well-being of Veterans and their families.

Legion Veterans Village features a first-of-its-kind LVV Centre of Clinical Excellence in veteran and first responder health, a new 10,500 sq. ft. state-of-the-art Whalley Legion, as well as 91 affordable housing units owned and operated by VRS Communities Society, and 171 market housing units in phase one of the overall development.

“This federal funding comes at a crucial time as Legion Veterans Village begins its Centre of Clinical Excellence services to provide critical healthcare, rehabilitation and wellness services for veterans and first responders,” says Veronica Brown, Executive Director of the Legion Veterans Village Research Foundation. “We are so grateful to Veterans Affairs Canada for its investment towards our new LVV Personalized Therapeutics Programs to help many veterans and their families who suffer from Long COVID conditions, such as brain fog, fatigue, cognitive and respiratory challenges.”

The LVV Centre of Clinical Excellence is operated by Veterans and First Responders Health (VFRH), an integrated group of primary health care, wellness, and rehabilitation service providers connected through Welmind, the digital healthcare partner enabling streamlined, coordinated care. Providers include VFRH Primary Care & Lifestyle Medicine, Actum Health, Neuromotion, City Parkway Dental, and HealthTech Connex Brainnovation Network.

The LVV Personalized Therapeutics Program has been created by the LVV Centre of Clinical Excellence team using the latest research and emerging clinical evidence on the most innovative and advanced therapeutic strategies to address veterans, and their families’ Long COVID conditions such as brain fog, fatigue, confusion, memory problems, reduced respiratory and cardiac function, pain, depression, anxiety and functional incapacity.

The program features three uniquely personalized, and fully integrated pathways based on clinical presentation and needs. By using distinct pathways, services are streamlined, targeted, efficient, and effective, and overtreatment and excess costs are avoided. Services in each pathway are provided in two, six-week treatment blocks with reassessment at the end of each block to track progress.

Treatment programs can include one-on-one services, group-based education and support, digital tools, multi-modal cognitive enhancement strategies, and access to a multidisciplinary team of physicians including specialists in primary care, psychiatry, neuropsychology, and pain management along with allied health providers such as physical therapists, occupational therapists, and registered psychologists.

The Foundation currently has a $25-Million fundraising campaign to support the translation of clinical research into programs, technologies and services that will support the health and wellness of veterans, first responders and their families through the LVV Centre of Clinical Excellence, and beyond. The fundraising campaign enables the Foundation to advance clinical research studies in the areas of rehabilitation and brain health including PTSD, mental wellness and other neurological conditions that are significantly impacting veterans, first responders and their families. Additionally, the funds will help the Foundation invest in innovative health care technologies, like the Lokomat robot-assisted gait therapy technology at Neuromotion, as just one of many advanced and innovative technology solutions offered at the Centre for Clinical Excellence.

About Legion Veterans Village Research Foundation (LVVRF):
Founded in 2022, the Legion Veterans Village Research Foundation is the charity organization working to support world-leading scientists, technologies, and clinicians as they work collaboratively to advance innovation, research, rehabilitation and health care for veterans, first responders, and their families. The Foundation is actively working with donors and communities across Canada to encourage and inspire support from individuals, organizations, and groups for the continuum of care for veterans, first responders, and families who are affected by physical injuries, mental health, post-traumatic stress disorder, neurological disorders and more.

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